Episode #102: Tableturner - Fundamentals of Corporate Innovation and Intrapreneurship

January 11, 2017

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In this 'tableturner' episode of Future Squared, your host gets interviewed himself by Logan Merrick, co-founder of Buzinga App Development.

This episode originally appeared on Invisage, Buzinga’s podcast. You might remember Logan from episode #85 of Future Squared where we talked all manner of things from app development to 14 day silent meditation retreats!

When it came time to turn the tables and appear on Logan’s podcast, we talked everything corporate innovation and intrepreneurship and it turned out to be one helluva chat.

I just had to bring this chat to you, the listeners of Future Squared, and the guys from Buzinga were gracious enough to let me double down on this episode.

Topics discussed:

- The biggest misconception about enterprise innovation

- Are millennials inherently better innovators? We discuss the ideal mix of generations in your team.

- The 3 highest impact actions you can take today to make your company innovative

- Which corporate companies are leading the way in this arena?

Show Notes:Buzinga's podcast: www.buzinga.com.au/buzz/18-collective-campus/

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