Episode #140: How to Identify Synergies between Corporates and Startups

July 16, 2017

It’s been well documented by the likes of Steve Blank and Clayton Christensen that if you want explore disruptive innovation in a large company, you have to redesign or create parallel processes, systems and values internally in order up to support behaviours critical to innovation - think moving fast and experimentation. Failing that, take innovation outside of the building by spinning out a company with its own processes, systems and values.

But the kicker here is to not treat the spin off as an independent startup, otherwise you might be better off simply setting up a corporate venture capital arm to invest in startups.

A better approach is to leverage your relative strengths to mutual benefit. A large corporate will bring domain expertise, networks, distribution channels, customers and resources to the table.

Listen to hear how to identify synergies to accelerate growth.

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