Episode #18: Garrett Dunham on Corporate Startup Partnerships and Reverse Pitching

Garrett Dunham is an entrepreneur, speaker and startup advisor. He’s founded 2 accelerators, including Prebacked, a reverse hackathon connecting corporates with startups, and Singulairty University Labs - his work has been featured in the New York Times, the NBC, Fast Company, Forbes, Tech Crunch and Venture Beat.

A Silicon Valley native, Garrett loves to teach about entrepreneurialism.

In this podcast we talked about all manner of things, including:- Corporate startup partnerships- Some key challenges to overcome when you pair a large enterprise with a startup- What to think about before, during and after a corporate startup partnership is established- Case studies of success- Premortems of failure- Whether to acquire, invest, partner, incubate or invent- Why speed is fundamental to success- How to increase your productivity by 400%

Show notes:GarrettDunham.com

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