Episode #253: James Nguyen on the Evolution of You

July 10, 2018

Episode #253: The Evolution of You with James Nguyen

Entrepreneur, Writer and Thinker

James Nguyen is the co-founder and managing partner of Anti-Hero Capital, the first investment fund exclusively dedicated to investing in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies using evolutionary science. He previously founded the global app agency M5859 Apps, is a contributing writer at Forbes and is somebody that I would consider deeply introspective and curious, as you’ll discover in today’s episode.

Having known James for a few years, we decided to record a podcast episode together after catching up for brunch on a relatively cold Melbourne morning. Our gameplan? Talk about life.

And talk about life we did, getting into flow and exploring a number of topics in our two hour conversation, breaking a Future Squared record in the process previously.

We discussed:

  • The Critical Importance of Finding Purpose and Meaning
  • How to Break Out of Moulds of Societal Convention
  • How to Stay the Path When Giving Up is Easier
  • Decision Making and How to Avoid Paralysis Analysis
  • First Principles
  • Evaluating Orders of Consequence
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Values Alignment and Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Biological Evolution and Neuroscience
  • Getting into Flow
  • The Intimacy Vacuum
  • How to Maintain Your Enthusiasm for Things Once the Initial Shine Wears Off

Show Notes:

  1. James on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-nguyen-b3a41aa2/
  2. Anti-Hero Capital: www.antiherocapital.com
  3. Twitter: https://twitter.com/jamesnguyenahc

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