Episode #6 - Niel Robertson, World Champion Entrepreneur and Investor (not snooker player...)

October 30, 2016

In this episode of Future², we were lucky enough to be joined by world champion entrepreneur and investor, Niel Robertson, not to be confused with the world champion Australian snooker player of the same name with whom he battles for top spot in Google rankings!

Niel has founded a handful of successful startups including Service Metrics which he sold at the tender ge of 24 at the height of the dot com boom in 1999 for US$280m.


In this podcast we talk about:

- Niel’s beginnings in tech with a Commodore 64

- Melbourne coffee

- Co-founding a business with somebody who inspired the movie ‘21’

- How Boulder, Colorado, with a population of 100,000 became one of the tech hotbeds of the US

- The Melbourne start-up ecosystem

- The role that Government and Enterprise can play in supporting innovation

- 3 key skills he looks for in investee founders

- What his daily routine looks like to stay optimised and performing at a high level

We know you will love this podcast with one of Boulder, Colorado’s most iconic entrepreneurs who is now spending half of his time in Melbourne, Australia.

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