Episode #68: How VR/AR Will Change The Way We Buy *midweek special*

‍Brought to you by Braintree.

 In this mid-week special we bring you the second live edition of Future Squared, in the form of a panel discussion, before an audience at Collective Campus.

 Guests include:

 * VICKI MILLER (Digital Transformation, KMART) *

 Vicki is part of KMART's Digital Transformation team. A senior executive experienced leading businesses in digital innovation, business transformation, revenue growth and P&L improvement. A proven track record developing new revenue streams through online models, digital integration, digital products and creating high energy, agile, adaptive cultures where customer experience and speed to market are central to performance outcomes.

 * STEFAN PERNAR (CEO, Virtual Reality Ventures) *

 Stefan has been one of the first to jump on the Virtual Reality bandwagon when he founded Virtual Reality Ventures back in January of 2014. Since then he went on to successfully deliver immersive media projects for the REA Group, Australia Post, AGL Energy, Sovereign Hill as well as Dairy Australia to name a few. His company was the first corporate virtual reality service company in the

world in Samsung's Strategic Enterprise Alliance Partnership program and continues to be thought out for cutting edge immersive productions. www.virtualrealityventures.com.au/

 * STEVE GUINNESS (General Manager, Plattar) *

 Steve is an early stage commercialisation / tech startup entrepreneur. As GM / 2IC of Plattar, his first responsibilities included raising Seed capital ($1.1mil led by News Corp), growing the team and spinning out the technology from pioneering mixed reality agency, One Fat Sheep. He currently drives strategy, operations & the product roadmap for Plattar. Steve has spent the last 10 years commercialising products and growing early stage startup companies.


 Topics Covered:

- How will we see VR and AR transforming retail in the next 5 years?

- How corporates are integrating VR technology

- The challenges facing VR

- A video game on a pizza box?!

- Where do we see AR and VR integrating, a mix? separately?

- The differences between AR and VR

- Finding meaningful applications for VR and AR

- The sudden boom of AR from Pokemon Go

- How do we replicate real life interaction/ social experiences with VR or AR?

- Where will content come from?



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