Bonus Episode: Side Hustling with Ryan Helms

April 2, 2019

Ryan Helms is a full-time corporate warrior and part-time freedom chaser. He has a passion for financial freedom and creating great things. He is the author of The Side Hustle Journal, host of the Hustle to Freedom Podcast and co-founder of Legacy Podcasting.

I decided to get Ryan on the show for listeners who might be gainfully employed but are thinking about starting a side hustle. We explored the ins and outs of side hustling whilst stilll kicking butt in your dayjob.

Expect to learn:

1 - Why you don’t need a perfect idea from the get go and instead you just need to start

2 - How having a side hustle can change your relationship with your day job; and

3 - The number one thing Ryan has learned from interviewing almost 100 side hustlers

With that, here’s Ryan Helms.

Topics Discussed:

  • Atlanta Braves Baseball
  • How Ryan got started side hustling
  • How Ryan ran a successful Kickstarter campaign
  • Why you need to go on a journey to for the path to present itself
  • How Ryan went from zero to 20,000 podcast downloads per month in several months
  • How side hustling changed Ryan’s relationship with work for the better
  • The molehill system
  • The power of having a co-founder
  • The number one thing Ryan has learned interviewing 100 side hustlers
  • What productivity really is
  • Why you don’t need to know how to do everything to get started

Show Notes:

  1. Content for side hustlers:
  2. Podcast: Hustle To Freedom (find it at and on all podcast platforms)
  3. Legacy Podcasting audio agency:


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