Episode #82: Human Longevity: What Happens When We Live To 120?

September 21, 2018

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Proponents of human longevity, let’s call them ‘longevists’, are advocating, exploring and commercialising new technologies and methods to effectively slow down or reverse the process of aging in order to extend both the maximum and average lifespan.

Longevists such as Peter Diamandis of Human Longevity Inc (HLI) believe that breakthroughs in tissue rejuvenation and regenerative medicine, genomics, nanotechnology, molecular repair and organ replacement paired with the exponential growth in sophisticated AI/machine learning and deep analytics software will eventually enable humans to have indefinite lifespans through complete rejuvenation to a healthy youthful condition.

In this episode of Fast Fix Friday, I go an inch deep and a mile wide into some of the medical technologies and advances that are poised to extend the healthy human lifespan and effectively aim to prompt a conversation on what the potential implications of a considerably longer lifespan would be on different facets of our lives, be they economic, social, political or environmental.

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About steve glaveski

Your host and occasional cybernetic organism, Steve Glaveski, is committed to helping people better navigate the growing uncertainty that technology change brings, in order to survive, thrive, create more value for the world and lead more fulfilling lives.

Steve is the CEO and co-founder of innovation accelerator Collective Campus, founder of children's entrepreneurship program Lemonade Stand, author of Amazon best-seller The Innovation Manager's Handbook and the Wiley books, Time Rich, and Employee to Entrepreneur, investor in blockchain based fractional property investment platform Konkrete and is a keynote speaker and startup advisor.

When not fighting T-1000s Steve can be found in the gym, hiking, skating at the beach, attempting standup comedy, at a heavy metal show or socially lubricating at a whisky bar.

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